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Our company is situated right at the heart of the raw material base. We source the best fruit from our trusted suppliers all around Serbia, particularly in areas with high quality soil and lots of sun exposure. We pay special attention to our raw material suppliers, with whom we cooperate closely through co-financing fresh fruit production and ongoing educational work. This entails organising regular workshops and seminars where our experts can distribute useful educational materials and discuss best practices with our suppliers, with the single goal of optimising product quality and satisfying the final consumer.

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The main fruit crops with which we build a strategic presence on the market are cherries and plums, while raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are periodically represented.Annually, over 2,000 tons of first-class deep-frozen BK cherries and over 1,000 tons of first-class deep-frozen machine-cut plums find their way to our customers.We market more than 600 tons of top quality pitted prunes annually.


Our company is located in the heart of the raw material base and we use the best quality fruit from orchards all over Serbia.

Monicom pays special attention to its suppliers of raw materials - subcontractors from whom it procures the proven best quality fruit throughout Serbia, grown in optimal conditions, in areas with high-quality soil and extraordinary sunny landscapes, with controlled production in terms of the application of agrotechnical measures.We have created a branched network with more than 70 satisfied subcontractors - suppliers with whom we have built a partnership relationship that is reflected in constant educational work with them, organizing visits, seminars and distributing the necessary educational materials, all with the aim of improving the quality of the final product and the satisfaction of the end customer.Over 3,000 tons of fresh cherries and over 3,500 tons of fresh plums purchased for one processing season best testify to the current capacities of the raw material base and our relations with subcontractors - suppliers.

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