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Dried plum

Variety: Stanley

Dried plums (prunes) pitted (1x10kg cartons)

Dried plums (prunes) with stone (1x10kg cartons)

Dried plums (prunes) for pressing (20kg or 25kg paper bags)



Dried plums, otherwise known as prunes, are very rich in dietary fiber, about 7% per gram, which causes its laxative effects. In addition, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reached a conclusion in 2012 that prunes effectively contribute to the restoration of normal bowel function in the general population if consumed in quantities of at least 100 grams per day.




Depending on the product, prunes are usually between 32-36% water and 64% carbohydrates. They are a very rich source of vitamin K responsible for maintenance of a good cardiovascular system, and vitamin B which is very important in cell metabolism.