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Technology And Quality

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Another quality guarantee comes in the form of numerous certificates that ensure all international safety standards are met. We have the following certificates:

Fruit Freezing Plant

The total processing capacity of our freezing plant is 10.000 tonnes of fruit per season. The optimal freezing capacity for sour cherries is 8 tonnes per hour, with 6.000 tonnes of storage capacity that is to be expanded. The production process is optimally automated and starts with the lines for fruit reception, washing, sorting, calibrating and fruit pitting made by the internationally recognised manufacturer PIGO-R.

The product then goes through flow freezing tunnels FRIGOSCANDIA Flo-Freeze®A with the LSV Refrigeration system that individually quick-freezes the product and at the same time fulfills the most demanding requirements with respect to hygiene and efficiency. This way, the product retains all the basic nutritional elements and is in complete compliance with all health and safety requirements.

After freezing, the product then goes through laser inspection, using two TOMRA Heliustm C1200 laser sorters that guarantee a product which is of even colour and free from any foreign matter. The product then goes onto the packaging line and into automatically assembled box cartons. Automated packaging equipment is another important part of our production process that minimises product manipulation by hand. Each box carton also goes through a metal detector. This way of packaging prevents the loss of nutritional values of fruits, protects them from external dehydration, change of colour and volume loss. In the process of technology implementation, the most demanding requirements were met in compliance with European and international standards, together with national food safety regulations.

Fruit Drying Plant

The capacity of our fruit drying plant is 150 tonnes of fresh plums per 24 hours. In this plant, the most advanced closed system of drying has been installed which provides a dried product of the highest quality. By using natural gas as an energy source and low drying temperatures (up to 74 degrees Celsius), we are able to deliver a healthy and tasty product that will satisfy the most demanding final consumer. The entire process is computer-controlled and monitored. Fresh fruit is placed into 16 stainless steel chamber tunnels, where it stays between 18 and 22 hours. Afterwards, it is rehydrated according to customer requirements in terms of the desired level of moisture in the final product. Our dried products are predominantly prunes and dried sour cherries, though the technology installed in the plant is universal and can be used for drying almost any type of fruit, as per customer request and specification.

This way of drying fruit has many advantages:

• The raw material is being dried, not baked
• All the vitamins and nutritional values are retained
• The characteristic taste of the product remains
• The risk of product fermentation is eliminated
• The product keeps its characteristic colour and fine appearance
• No oxidation of the product
• No soiling of the product
• Drying of the product is even in all the chamber parts
• The ecological production process is in conformity with the highest European and international standards.


The Monicom company has invested and continues to invest in personnel who lead all business activities and pays great attention to its personnel and their development, taking into account the fact that our team is made up of a combination of experienced experts with many years of experience in this field and young, educated people, who all together form the foundation of our success. Our expert teams, consisting of technologists, economists, agro-economists and engineers, work with subcontractors, provide raw materials, control all fruit processing processes, contract sales with customers and monitor and control all processes related to raising and growing our own plantations.