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Welcome to our kingdom of healty fruits!

Welcome to our kingdom of healthy fruits!

We source the best fruit from our trusted suppliers all around Serbia, particularly in areas with high quality soil and lots of sun exposures.

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Technology and Quality


Another quality guarantee comes in the form of numerous certificates that ensure all...
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Freezing and Drying Plants

The total processing capacity of our freezing plant is 10.000 tonnes of fruit per season...

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Finally, our team and their personal and professional development...
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About Monicom

The Monicam company has been successfully operating and developing since 1991, and today it is one of the most successful private companies in Serbia and a leader in the fields it deals with. The business portfolio first expanded from the energy and trade sectors to the construction material industry and later to the agriculture and fruit processing sector.Since 2015, the company has operated one of the largest, most modern and technologically advanced factories for freezing and drying fruit in Europe, and since the beginning of 2018, Monica has owned about 420 ha of agricultural land, leased for 30 years, on which raised their own plantations of "Oblačin" cherries and "Stanley" plums.INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IN ALEKSINC WITH PLANTS FOR FRUIT PROCESSING BY FREEZING AND DRYING covers a land area of 6.17 ha and consists of 12 facilities for production, processing, storage, packaging, maintenance and administration. Located in the immediate vicinity of the international highway E-75, strategically and infrastructurally exceptionally positioned, given that it is on the road between Belgrade and Niš. The wider region - Southeast Serbia, in which it is located, is ideal in terms of the raw material base that surrounds it, as well as the existing preconditions for growing quality fruit, primarily cherries and plums, due to proven positive characteristics such as a high level of brix, natural aroma and taste.

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