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Welcome to our kingdom of healty fruits!

Welcome to our kingdom of healthy fruits!

About Monicom

The company Monicom from Nis has been successfully operating and growing since 1991 and today it represents one of the more successful private companies in Serbia that is the leader in the business areas it is involved in. During nearly 30 years of existence, Monicom has grown from a small enterprise to a successful business group with over 600 employees and production facilities positioned throughout southern Serbia.

The business portfolio consisting of the energy and trade sectors first expanded to the construction materials industry and later to the agricultural sector.

Since 2015, one of the bigger, most modern and technologically advanced factory for freezing and drying of fruits in Europe has been operating as part of the company.

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We source the best fruit from our trusted suppliers all around Serbia, particularly in areas with high quality soil and lots of sun exposures.

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Technology and Quality


Another quality guarantee comes in the form of numerous certificates that ensure all...
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Freezing and Drying Plants

The total processing capacity of our freezing plant is 10.000 tonnes of fruit per season...

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Finally, our team and their personal and professional development...

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