About us

About Us

Monicom d.o.o. is a renowned company with the head office in Niš, Serbia that has been successfully operating since 1991 under different names – Morava, Ineks Morava, and on May 1, 2016 the company assumed its present name Monicom d.o.o.

During all these 25 years, the company has been continually growing and expanding its volume of business, types of business sectors, and export oriented activities.

The Monicom d.o.o. business system consists of the following activities:

  • Building materials manufacturer Mladost with production sites in Leskovac, Vlasotince and Mala Plana
  • Wholesale and retail of coal with the head office in Niš
  • Milling-baking plant for grain processing in Leskovac, with large areas of its own grainfields and silos with the capacity of 30000t
  • Monicom d.o.o. – Aleksinac plant for the production of frozen and dried fruit

Monicom d.o.o. - Aleksinac covers an area of 16ha and is in the close vicinity of the E-75 international highway, near Aleksinac. It is equipped with the most advanced technology for the freezing and drying of fruits.



Cold storage plant

The production process is optimally automated and consists of the lines for fruit reception, washing, sorting, calibrating and fruit pitting made by the internationally recognised manufacturer PIGO-R.

The product then goes through flow freezing tunnels FRIGOSCANDIA Flo-Freeze®A with the LSV Refrigeration system that individually quick-freezes the product and at the same time fulfills the most demanding requirements with respect to hygiene and efficiency. This way, the product retains all the basic nutritional elements and is in complete compliance with all health and safety requirements.

After freezing, the product then goes through laser control on the TOMRA Heliustm C1200, a world leading laser sorter that guarantees a product which is of even colour, shape and free from any foreign matter.

State-of-the-art equipment for the packaging of the final product is another important segment of the production process that minimises product manipulation by hand. Each carton also goes through a metal detector. This way of packaging prevents the loss of nutritional values of fruits, protects them from external dehydration, change of colour and volume loss. The fruit freezing capacity is 8 tonnes per hour, while the total current storage capacity is 6000 tonnes.

In the process of technology implementation, the most demanding requirements were met in compliance with European and international standards, together with national food safety regulations.

Fruit drying plant

In this plant, the most advanced closed system of drying has been installed that provides a dried product of the highest quality. The advantages are many:

  • The raw material is being dried, not baked
  • All the vitamins and nutritional values are retained
  • The characteristic taste of the product remains
  • The risk of product fermentation is eliminated
  • The product keeps its characteristic colour and fine appearance
  • No oxidation of the product
  • No soiling of the product
  • Drying of the product is even in all the chamber parts
  • The ecological production process is in conformity with the highest European and international standards.

The capacity of our fruit drying plant is 150 tonnes of fresh fruit per 24 hours.

Raw Materials

Raw Material

Special attention is paid to the raw material base. Raw material of the best quality is continually supplied from the plantations of our reliable cooperants. The plantations are located in areas with the most favourable climate conditions for the cultivation of each type of fruit, which means areas with a lot of sun exposure. Presently, the company is in the process of raising its own fruit plantations according to the latest standards that meet the requirements for Global GAP certification.




Sour cherry

Variety: Oblacinska

Sour cherry without stone

Sour cherry with stone


Variety: Cacanka, Thornfree

Blackberry whole

Blackberry confiture 80/20


Variety: Willamette, Meeker

Raspberry whole 95/5

Raspberry whole and broken

Raspberry crumble


Variety: Stanley, Cacanka rodna

Plums machine cut

Plums with stone


Variety: Senga Sengana

Strawberry whole

Strawberry confiture


Dried plums

Variety: Stanley

Pitted dried plums

Dried plums with stone

Dried sour cherries

Variety: Oblacinska

Pitted dried sour cherries



Together with the latest technology and a supply of high-quality raw materials, the cornerstone of our success also includes our expert employees. With the help of renowned domestic and foreign scientists in the field of agriculture, they ensure that none of the products that leave our facilities are of anything but the highest quality.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Monicom d.o.o. Aleksinac

Petra Zeca bb, 18220 Aleksinac, Serbia

Tel: +381 (0)18 800 400

Fax: +381 (0)18 800 285

Email: info@monicom.rs

Monicom d.o.o. Nis

Bulevar 12. februar 93, 18000 Nis, Serbia

Tel/Fax: +381 (0) 18 521130

Email: office@monicom.rs